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Cine Film to DVD, Cine to DVD, Transfer Cine Film to DVD

Current average in studio service time is up to 15 working days, see our news page for further information

The Home of Digital Cine Transfers.

Transfer to Digital Files on USB or DVD.

Digital HiDef Frame by Frame scanning.

Options for a title at the start of transfer and a Simple basic Start menu as standard.

Cine 2 DVD Transfers is quite probably the longest standing cine film transfer service provider within the entire UK, and over the last 30 years we have assisted many people with the transfer of their family memories by transferring their cine film to DVD, or digital files on USB. We know that nothing is worse than seeing your treasured memories becoming obsolete as it becomes impossible to watch cine film, and so we allow you to convert cine film to DVD or USB. The fact that we have already copied more than 800,000 hours of family footage shows just how many people have already benefited from our help.

Professional and Efficient Digital Frame by Frame Cine Conversions

We're a family run firm, and our transfer artists boast many decades of experience when it comes to the cine film transfer process, so you can rest assured that we're able to provide a cine digitising service of unmatched professionalism. We're more than used to dealing with personal requests and requirements. We strive to provide the best possible results from every cine film we receive and along with only using archive quality equipment for scanning and digitising cine film we have refined our techniques and handling of cine film to perfection. Other transfer companies do not offer the same quality of transfers and use lesser quality equipment, we believe our cutting edge equipment and approach to be appropriate for your memories and justified by the sheer volume of quality cine film transfers that we can carry out on a daily basis.

When it comes to transferring cine film to modern Digital Files and DVD, we can do so from Regular 8, Standard 8, Super8, 16mm film and even 9.5mm, and we can extend all of our expertise to you at the very best prices. Because of our production capabilities, we can transfer cine film to DVD or digital formats for you according to the tightest of deadlines. We only use Branded A grade discs and we always present your final product to you in industry standard quality library cases. Rest assured that our order process is both simple and inexpensive. We do not complicate or inflate prices by adding unnecessary gimmicks to our service. If you want to see your cine films converted to the highest standards and in the best possible hands, be sure to contact Cine 2 DVD Transfers today.

Cine Reel Formats

Our DVD transfer services are available for a range of formats, including:

  • Regular 8
  • Standard 8
  • Super 8
  • 16mm
  • 9.5mm

Digital Frame by frame scanning.

1 to 1 true frame by frame scanning.

Contact Us and Digitise Your Cine Today

Our team of professionals know how precious your cine reels are, which is why we treat them as if they were our own. Not only do we offer a premium service, with top quality media presented in industry-standard library cases, we also offer the ultimate value for money for our transfers. So you're ready to preserve your precious family cine reels?? Then all you have to do is order online using our simple form, or contact us on 0800 592 433.

Hints & Tips


Amongst the earliest formats of home cine film, offering excellent quality and sill used by serious amateurs and professionals

Regular 8 and Standard 8

The format that popularised the recording of family occasions as moving images.

Super 8

Offering easier use and bringing the world of cine film to the mass market.


Our discs are produced in the PAL system and are region zero.