Super 8 to DVD

Transfer your old Super 8 cine film to DVD format so you can better preserve all those precious family memories. At Cine2DVD, we have many decades of experience performing transfers, so we can provide you with a professional, comprehensive service.

What is Super 8 Film?

Super 8 film is a film format that was released in 1965 by Eastman Kodak. It was an improvement on the older, standard 8mm home video format, the main difference being that the rectangular perforations along the edge are smaller, allowing for a greater exposed area. This format is what really brought home filmmaking to the masses, as the cartridge loading eliminated threading the film, removing the risk of jamming, which was a common issue with 16mm film.

Originally it was a silent system only, but in 1973 a version with a magnetic full coat strip on the side was made available so sound could be recorded along with the image.

Why Transfer Super 8 Film to DVD?

If you have old Super 8 film lying around, you should convert them as soon as possible. When you update your old film to a more reliable format, you ensure your footage is kept safe for future generations to enjoy. DVDs are versatile and can be played on many devices, unlike Super 8, which requires a projector. Projectors require complex calibration, and they can also damage your film if used incorrectly.

Like all types of cine reels, Super 8 is susceptible to naturally degrading over time. External factors like temperature and humidity can drastically impact the fragile tape in cine reels, even if stored in airtight containers. Eventually, they will degrade, experience things like film burn, which destroys captured footage, or light leaks, which cause the film to become grainy.

When you transfer your Super 8 cine film to DVD, you preserve the footage in a format that is not impacted by temperature and humidity fluctuations. You can enjoy your footage uninterrupted on a format that can be played on multiple devices without risking any further damage to your original Super 8 film. Even if you prefer to watch your footage on a projector, your DVD can safeguard your videos, just in case the worst happens.

Super 8 to DVD Conversion from Cine2DVD

At Cine2DVD, we are experts in converting cine formats like Super 8 onto DVD, using the most high-tech equipment to ensure a safe and reliable transfer. Our specialist equipment and processes for transfers will let you bring your Super 8 films up to date, so you and your family can enjoy the footage for years to come.

Simply send your film to us, and we will perform the transfer to tight deadlines, using only Branded A discs and sending your DVDs to you in industry-standard quality library cases. The process could not be more straightforward, and we send your original reels back to you along with your DVDs, so you can still enjoy them the old-fashioned way if that’s what you prefer, but now with the assurance that you have a perfect backup copy.

Contact Us for Super 8 to DVD Transfer

As a family-owned business, we understand that your family films are precious to you, with irreplaceable memories. That’s why we take every step to ensure your transfer is completed safely and efficiently.

Cine2DVD has many years of experience in Super 8 to DVD transfers, so you can trust your cine reels to us. If you would like to learn more about our services, do not hesitate to contact us.