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Our current in studio service time is around 15 working days depending on the size/type of order.

Use our straight forward order form to enter your order requirements along with your name, address and contact details. Please read all the information and contact us with any queries.

If you require your reels to be transferred in order please clearly number them.

We normally fill each DVD and MP4 file with several reels to produce a continuous playing production. If you require separate DVD or MP4 files please enclose a letter requesting this.

Use the button labelled next at the foot of each page to move to the next step. 

After completing your payment details you will be given an order number and be able to download our free post label.

We also transfer Video Tapes VHS and Camcorder tapes. Click here for details.

Current average in studio service time is up to 15 working days, see our news page for further information

Your Reels

Use up/down arrows to select the quantity of each size of reel. We have listed the common reel sizes. Please ensure that the number of reels you enter matches the number you are submitting. If you have reels containing odd amounts of footage select the nearest size or call us for assistance.

Reel Size Qty Unit Price Subtotal

3 inch / 50ft Reels

Approx 3 inch Diameter, 3 minutes running time (8mm). About the size of a jam jar lid. 50ft reels will be spliced to form larger reels for transfer.

£10.00 £ 0.00

4 inch / 100ft Reels

Approx 4 inch Diameter, 6 minutes running time (8mm)

£19.00 £ 0.00

5 inch / 200ft Reels

Approx 5 inch Diameter, 12 minutes running time (8mm). About the size of a CD.

£28.00 £ 0.00

7 inch / 400ft Reels

Approx 7 inch diameter, 25 minutes running time (8mm). About the size of a small dinner plate.

£42.00 £ 0.00

9 inch / 600ft Reels

Approx 9 inch diameter, 45 minutes running time (8mm). About the size of a large dinner plate.

£60.00 £ 0.00
Number of Reels
Reels Subtotal Min Charge is £29.00 £29.00
Bulk Discount - By purchasing items in bulk you've saved £0.00 with reduced unit prices.
Minimum order charge includes the cost of posting your order to us with our prepaid label and return of your finished order by tracked carrier.
We transfer approximately 2 hrs of cine to each single DVD. If you require reels on seperate DVDs please contact us. Please mark any required running order clearly. Also note that small reels will be joined to form larger reels for transfer. Your cine will be returned on these large spools.

Choose Transfer To DVD

Select Destination Media Subtotal
£ 0.00


Choose Transfer To MP4 USB HD Digital Package

Select Destination Media Subtotal
£ 0.00

A HiDef MP4 file perfect for sharing and viewing on your PC, tablet or other device. Plus the RAW captured AVI/MOV files ... ideal for editing. ( will not include any ordered titles or music) Supplied on a USB device (We supply the USB device.) . Does not include a DVD. If you require a DVD/s in addition to the USB please order them in the extra copies section below. (Any ordered music will be added to the MP4 files)

Extra USB copies/backup. Each extra copy is £{CALCULATED_COST}
£ 0.00

Insert Title

Select Option Cost per title Qty Description Subtotal
£0 0 £ 0.00
Added to DVD/MP4 Include a note with your order containing the text you require for your title/s. (max 30 characters, per title) £ 0.00

Insert Music

Select Cost Subtotal
£0.00 £ 0.00
£4.00 £ 0.00
£4.00 £ 0.00

Extra Copies (Standard DVD)

Select Quantity Subtotal

£ 0.00
Clear All Copies

Return Carriage

All orders are returned by secure fully tracked parcel carrier.


Discount Code / Voucher Code Saving Subtotal
  £ 0.00

Discount does not apply to carriage costs.

Grand Total    £ 0.00

For an extra special touch to your order you can design a cover for your DVD cases. Ideal for weddings and birthdays. (one design per order) £2.00 per cover


Skip the custom covers and receive our standard covers with room for you to label your discs.

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